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santa barbara tree service logo, small greeen tree with circle around it.We are Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara’s counties foremost tree care company.  Mission Tree Service Santa Barbara ​ is a client-oriented service company that just happens to also provide great tree care.  We a client service business first as we believe this differentiates our company in the marketplace.  We treat every client like the yare family or friend by providing customer service excellence in everything we do.  We offer all the standard tree care services to include: tree removals, tree trimming, stump grinding & removal, and emergency tree service.  We also provide other tree-related services such as lot/land clearing, wood chipping, brush removal, and cabling & bracing.  Since 2001, Mission Tree Service is proud to service all of Santa Barbara country with the finest tree care service available. 

About Mission Tree Service Santa Barbara

We are locally owned & operated.  We have been servicing Santa Barbara County since 2001.  We have grown over the years to now employing 21 full-time and part-time employees.  When we were founded in 2001 we started with just a chainsaw and an old pick-up truck.  Since then we have grown to be a fully staffed and equipped tree service company.  During these years we have improved our arboriculture knowledge, skills, and experience.  Today, we provide the highest quality and most comprehensive tree care services in the southern California area.  And, we back-up everything we do with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

As we devised our business practices, we decided what differentiates service companies is…. service!  Imagine that!  Therefore, we focus on customer service as much as we do high-quality tree service.  We know that in a commodity-driven industry, where the barriers of entry can be as little as a small equipment investment, client service is what differentiates a consumer services business.  We also do not believe in competing as it is a loser’s game.  Instead, we innovate, both in our tree care services as well as our customer service business model.  When you need affordable, quality tree care with great customer service, call Mission Tree Service to discover the difference our approach to tree care services. 

Tree Service Santa Barbara Trusts

We provide complete tree care at affordable rates – our clients desire this.  Our company’s goals are to offer the following on each project: customer service excellence; rates that are reasonable and affordable, professionalism in all that we do; and a client service guarantee unmatched in the business.  To meet these goals, we have hired and developed a team unparalleled by any 

    other commercial and residential tree service company in Santa Barbara.  Our team members have past experience not just in the tree service field but also in client service (either in the tree service business or in other industries).  Secondly, our team is screened and certified (background and drug) yearly.  Finally, our management adheres to all the guidance provided by ISA and TCIA in operating our business and also in the performance of our tree work.  ​

    Picture of our climber in a palm tree to trim dead limbs in Santa Barbara, CA
    Picture of our crew man in a tree with safety equipment preparing to trim old limbs for a customer in Santa Barbara, CA
    Picutre of a climber on a large limb with safety equimpent to trimm off dead branches in Santa Barbara, CA

    As part of our client-centric business approach, we use and maintain the best equipment in the industry.  This includes our dump trucks, chainsaws, wood chippers, stump grinders, bucket trucks, and all the other necessary gear to provide complete tree care.  And, all of our equipment is well utilized (as well as well maintained) thanks to our faithful Santa Barbara clients.   With our litany of equipment, no project is too big or small, even the largest commercial projects.  We can clear large parcels of land or construction developments efficiently and easily.  And, naturally, we can accommodate all aspects of residential tree jobs.  With all this about our equipment, Mission Tree Service can perform our tree removal and tree projects by merely climbing the tree.  In most cases, our customers opt for this as it reduces, and can even eliminate, damage to their turf and landscaping, whereas heavy equipment can cause ruts in yards and damage landscaping. 

    We understand our Santa Barbara clients have a plethora of choices in tree service providers.  However, we strive to leave our prospective clients with but one outstanding, yet affordable, choice.  Additionally, we offer this quality professional service in being both insured and licensed.  Unlike some companies in our business, with some even going door-to-door, we supply all the necessary protections to our clients when performing potentially hazardous work on their property.  If you hire a un- or under-insured and unlicensed tree service, you risk legal and financial risks if an accident happens on our property.  If the tree service does not provide their own coverage, your homeowner’s insurance policy will have to cover any bodily and/or property damages.  We ask that you don’t make the mistake of using a tree company that puts you and your property at risk.  

    We provide high-quality tree service to all levels of customers: residential, commercial, real estate investor/property management, and industrial.   We can scale our service offerings to accommodate the largest projects to the smallest.   Regardless, we offer the same high level of service across this entire spectrum of project types.  Total tree services, regardless of the size, is our focus and passion.  

    We are prideful to offer professional tree care that is lost in today’s marketplace of commodity home services.  Our customer focus approach provides the a complete end-to-end service experience: answer the telephone when you call or call you back promptly (we can’t always answer the phone but try to); providing on-site tree service quotes backed up with an accurate, honest written quote accompanied with our insurance information;  being timely the day of the job communicating our start time within a two-hour window; and completing the project to your absolute satisfaction.  We have been providing this high-quality service experience since our start in 2001.  Call us to experience the different high-quality customer service can make in the tree care business.  

    Below are summaries of our tree care services.  You can read more about each service  by clicking on our Services menu at the top of the page – each tree service is detailed on its own page.   For more information on general tree care visit https://www.treeservicegreensboro.net

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    Tree Removal Santa Barbara - Affordable Tree Removal Service

    There are a variety of reasons a tree might need to be cut down and removed.  No one cherishes trees more than we do, however, we understand, as you do, that sometimes a tree has to go.  The reasons range from being hazardous to your home or business to causing landscaping issues, like the inability to grow grass.  Further, a disease may affect a tree’s appeal in your landscape causing it to appear unsightly and a candidate for rot.  Although it is unpleasant to cut down a tree, we recognize that tree removal is often necessary in certain cases.  For homeowners, it is important you keep tree branches away from your roof and the sides of your dwellings.  Homeowners insurance policy will reject your claim if it is learned that a tree was making contact with your roof or the side of your house.   In any of these situations, call us for safe, professional and affordable tree removal services.  We can quickly remove a problematic tree resolving the issue.  

    While cutting down a tree is not complex when there are no close structures or electrical power lines, it still takes skills, experience, and the right equipment.   We are skilled and trained in professional, affordable, and safe tree removals.  Our tree removal approach begins with an in-person quote where our assessor evaluates the tree and any nearby buildings and/or electrical power lines.  In some situations, we can provide a quote from a mobile phone photograph, assuming there are no nearby buildings or specials aspects to the tree removal service.  During our assessor’s visit, he will provide you with a free verbal quote for the project.  Soon after that our office will detail that quote in writing and send it to you along with our proof of insurance.  If you agree with the quote, you can easily contact us to book and schedule the project.  We are only a week or two out in performing jobs, so it is important you arrange your tree removal with us as soon as you make your decision.  

    On the day of the project, one of our team members will contact you in the morning (or sometimes ever the day before) to verify the time be on the job.  During the call, we can also discuss with any details of the job that were not mentioned during the quote visit and/or any other tree work, such as trimming, you may want to be performed during the tree removal.  As the tree cutting project starts, we will climb the tree or use a bucket truck near the trunk of the tree. Our tree removals begin from the top, and we remove limb by limb of the tree.  Each large limb will be lowered safely for cutting and stacking or disposal.  As we progress down the tree, we will finish with the main the trunk of the tree cutting it to a level per your specifications.  If you are having the stump ground, we will cut the trunk down to near ground level.  Alternatively, we can cut it to a height consistent for your purpose, such as a stump planter or-or a carving.  Virtually all of your tree removals jobs will be performed in a day or less, contigent upon the weather.  Finally, we will rake and clean your lawn of any tree debris and leave your property as it was prior to our job. 

    Tree Trimming Santa Barbara - The Top Tree Maintenance on the Coast

    As you drive around the Santa Barbara area, not that almost all landscape trees could use a trimming, or minimally a pruning.  In non-landscape settings, such as forests, trees generally have to complete for canopy space and consequently just grow up.  However, in landscape settings, trees have room to grow in every direction, often causing them to create issues, or minimally, look overgrown.  Tree trimming is needed to offset this growth returning your trees to appealing aspects in your landscape.  Further, trimming a tree will promote healthy and desirable growth, creating a more strong and pleasant tree.  Additionally, storms and other damaging incidents (such as disease and insects) further create reasons to have trees trimmed.  Lastly, tree trimming help reduces dead branches and limbs, significantly reducing the yard maintenance chore of constantly picking up dead wood in your lawn.  

    We follow three primary objectives when trimming your trees:

    1. Remove dying or dead limbs and branches; 
    2. Eliminate overgrowth, returning your tree back to its natural form and, 
    3. During the tree trimming process, we can assess its health and take any preventative measures should disease and/or insects be a problem.
    Our tree trimming method is largely identical to our tree removal method.  We use the same free quote process as well as in-person visit as we do with tree removals.  Occasionally trimming a tree can be as much or more of a project than just removing the tree.  Trimming mature, large trees take years of experience and expertise to make the proper trim cuts, safely lower the trimmed branches to the ground, and return the tree to its natural shape  We use National Arbor Day Foundations guidance in trimming trees, along with the supporting guidelines from TCIA and ISA.  Using these source materials provides all the guidelines required to trim any tree native to Santa Barbara County.  

    Palm trees require special care and considerations when trimming. As a high canopy and large single trunk tree, palm trees are unique to almost all trees indigenous to the United States.  We take the care and time to groom palm trees safely and carefully allowing you to continue to enjoy their special beauty for years to come. 

    Tree Stump Grinding & Removal Services

    Most tree removals are followed by stump grinding (or removal).  We provide both services and can quote the cost of stump grinding or removal

    A close up picutre of a palm tree being cut down by a crew memeber in Santa Barbara, CA

    during the tree removal estimate.  With stump grinding – the less expensive of the two stump elimination methods – we grind the stump down below the surface of the ground, allowing for you to re-plant the area with grass or even another tree.  With stump removal, we use a backhoe to dig the entire stump out of the ground, to include major roots near the surface of the ground.  Stump removal is more expensive due to our equipment costs and does often require some level of backfill.  However, sometimes removing a stump entirely is requires if there is foundation work to be done in the area.  Call the tree service Santa Barbara uses to remove or grind tree stumps efficiently and affordably.  

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    Emergency Storm Damage

    With Santa Barbara on the coast, strong storms and wind can severely damage trees.  Often times, storms can cause considerable tree damage making clean-up a job left to only the professionals.  Further, if the tree damage impacts property structures, such as roofs, special equipment is necessary to prevent further damage during the tree debris clean-up effort.  We provide 24×7 emergency tree  during times of storm damage providing you will quick response when you need it.   Call Mission Tree Service when you need fast, professional, and ethical tree service after you have incurred storm tree damage. 

    Our Other Tree Care Services

    We offer a plethora of other tree care services to include: tree bracing & cabling, palm tree health care, land and lot clearing, tree fertilizing, spraying, arboriculture consulting, and firewood.  While these tree care services are not as requested as tree trimming and tree removal, we are happy to provide complete tree care to our Santa Barbara customers.   If you are in the Columbia, MO area, please call our partner company of Robin Tree Service Columbia MO

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