Tree Removal Trips

Picture of Sthil chain saw and cut logTree removal is not for everyone to do. It takes proper training and specialized equipment to do it properly and safely. It can be a dangerous job that is why you should leave it to the hands of professional arborists. Before deciding to remove your tree, have it inspected because it can still be restored through proper treatment. Consider the tips we have provided in this blog to help you come up with the best decision for you and your tree.

Removal Should be the Last Resort
Removing a tree should not be the primary solution to an issue concerning your tree. Trees enhance the beauty of your property, and it is also good for the environment and serve as a natural habitat for some wildlife. A tree expert can diagnose health issues with your trees and tell whether it can be treated or not.

Professional Tree Removal Contractors
Hire only a professional tree removal service company to ensure the quality of service. Certified arborists can take down any type or size of the tree safely and efficiently. In some cases, tree removal can be complicated because the tree is located in a hard to access area. There is also a high demand for professional tree contractors after a storm to remove damaged trees or fallen branches.

Be careful of people who go door-to-door offering their service because they are typically con artists who only want your money.

Regulations Regarding Tree Removal
Just because you own the tree doesn’t mean the decision to remove it all belongs to you. Specific rules are governing every city and counties when it comes to tree removal. Some municipalities require inspections and permits before a tree can be removed.  In Santa Barbara County, a tree removal application review is required.  You must submit a tree removal application submit it to the Forestry Program office, which is located 402 E. Ortega St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101.  The review process can take up to 60 days.

In some communities, the homeowners’ association may also have a say when it comes to tree removal. A professional tree company will help the homeowner in getting all the necessary permits and licenses needed for the removal.

Stump and Lumber Removal
A tree stump can be an eyesore. A professional tree removal company should include stump removal in their service to help the homeowner get rid of this nuisance in the yard. Some companies will also provide homeowners with options regarding the lumber. The tree company can cut it to manageable segments ideal for firewood, or it can be made into wood chips using the contractor’s chippers.

Ask the tree service company about the options you have for tree removal and the cost for each additional service.

Trees on a Neighbor’s Property  
You may not be the only one who has a tree in the yard in your community. When a tree topples, or a branch falls during a storm, it is possible for it to damage not just your property, but your neighbor’s as well. If you think your neighbor’s tree is a threat to your property, you can talk to them or request through a certified letter for the tree removed.

In an unfortunate case that your property gets damaged by your neighbor’s tree, the letter may help with the insurance claims process.