Mission Tree Service Santa Barbara


Land Clearing

We can clear all types of lots, whether it is as small as a backyard or as large as a commercial park. Our confidence comes from our years of experience in the field as well as our expertise matched with the right equipment we have to perform the task fast, safe, and right. With our well-trained workers, we can clear even the biggest lands in the area in less time compared to our competitors. We have developed a good working relationship with large developers through years of successfully finished jobs. Construction of anything cannot kickstart until the land has been cleared of trees and other debris; that is why we are the go-to partner for most developers and homeowners in the area. While we clear the area, we also consider preserving the natural environment and do not remove trees that are well and healthy. We make use of the necessary equipment to make the process much easier for us. We are careful when it comes to clearing the area, but we make sure we complete everything in no time.

We work with the homeowner as well as the developer in clearing the land to ensure that all requirements are met. We will leave the area in a state where it can be used for landscape purposes in the future. ​

Brush Removal

Removing brush both in commercial and residential areas is necessary. Having a brush in your property means you need to eliminate dead limbs, brush, branches, leaves, and other debris in the area. If you decide to use our affordable tree services, you can be confident that we will be able to clear your land so it can be used for other purposes such as construction, gardening, and other yard activity.

In performing brush removal, we use several techniques and tools to get rid of the brush well. We use bush hogs to get rid of the scrub plants, brush, and young trees. Presence of brush in a residential or commercial space will affect its overall curb appeal and can reduce its market value. Unsightly brush, weeds, and trees can take away a lot from your property, so don’t let them grow freely in your land.

If you give us a call today, our representative will come to your home or business to inspect the site and discuss with you the details of the job. We will provide you with free estimates for brush removal and other tree services we offer.