Mission Tree Service Santa Barbara


Storm Tree Damage Service

Wind from strong storms can cause considerable damage to trees, especially to large mature ones as well as trees that have not been routinely trimmed.  Tree damage can leave property owners with quite a bit of mess as well as the potential for property damage.  Uprooted tree, downed branches, fallen trees, and overall tree debris can burden property owners with massive clean-up efforts, often beyond their ability.  This is why Mission Tree Service Santa Barbara operates twenty-four/seven and seven days a week to aid property owners with these large-scale clean-up efforts after storms have struck Santa Barbara County.  We take great pride in our ability to respond quickly and efficiently to your tree damage emergencies, often able to be on site within 24 hours or less.  It is not uncommon for tree damage to render a property owner helpless and even cause power outages.  This is why we work closely with local utility companies and other first responders to restore your home or business quickly after storms damage your trees.  

Some tree damage can be avoided with regular and property tree trimming.  Overgrown trees are most susceptible to strong storms because they often have weak branches and their canopies are too thick to allow property air flow.  By regularly having your trees trimmed, you can often avoid or minimize storm damage.   Additionally, trimming will maintain your trees so that they are clear of power lines, property structures, and all other areas that could pose a risk if trees are damaged.  While tree damage is sometimes unavoidable in very strong storms. it is entirely possible to minimize and eliminate tree damage that significantly affects your property and its value.

Tree Service Santa Barbara Trusts After Storms

If you do have storm tree damage, please call the tree service Santa Barbara depends on for rapid, efficiently clean-up after strong wind and rain.   We operate 24×7 to provide quick response to these incidents as they arise. Little tree debris clean-up efforts are possible by the typical homeowner, but, large storm tree damage is usually beyond the capability of the average property owner.  Call the pros and let us quickly respond to your tree damage emergency:

  • A client service representative will come to your home or business to inspect the damage and provide you with an on-the-spot estimate;
  • Additionally, one of our Santa Barbara Tree staff members will email you with a written estimate as well as proof of our insurance;
  • We can typically start the work within 24 hours of your telephone call, deploying one of our emergency tree damage teams to your home or business quickly;

    • At your property, we will quickly clean-up with the most significant tree damage affecting your property, the structure(s,) and your ability to enter/exit it; this will involve cleaning up all down trees and branches, tree debris, and trimming affected trees that can be saved; and,
    • We will haul away, chip up, and/or stack all wood to your the location of your choice – leaving your home or business as clean as possible given the storm’s damage.

    We are licensed, insured, and professional tree service company in Santa Barbara offering a 100% client service guarantee on all of our tree care work.  When strong storms damage your landscape trees, call the tree service Santa Barbara trusts to respond quickly restoring your property professionally.