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Benefits of Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is likely the best tree care maintenance you can perform for your trees.  It often prevents unnecessary tree removals. Tree removal is our most common service, tree trimming should be as it provides healthful benefits to your trees and landscape.  Professionally trimmed trees add value to your property and greatly improve the health of your trees.  

As a tree matures, there will likely be limbs and branches that do not contribute to the natural form and shape of the tree.  Additionally, some branches and limbs will die creating an unsightly tree that looks unhealthy.  Routine, professional tree trimming will aid both these issues by restoring the natural form to your trees while eliminating unappealing dead branches and limbs. 

While the typical property owner can and should routinely prune smaller, immature trees, trimming a mature, large tree is a job best left to a professional tree service company in Santa Barbara – for a number of reasons.  First, trimming mature trees requires skills and equipment not usually able to be performed by the typical homeowner.  Regardless if a tree must be climbed or a bucket truck has to be utilized, trimming a mature tree requires skill and experience.  Moreover, cutting large, heavy limbs requires equipment and expertise to safely lower them to the ground.  Finally, trimming mature trees requires experience in what cuts to make and which limbs to eliminate in order to return a trees’ normal shape and benefit its health. 
Contact Mission Tree Service for a free, on-site quote to evaluate your trees in terms of the benefits tree trimming may aid your trees and overall landscape.  Further, we can assess the overall health of all your trees and make recommendations as to how to improve their health and beauty. 

Tree Trimming Santa Barbara

Each tree species must be trimmed slightly differently.  Each species of trees has unique growth patterns and canopy shapes that should be maintained.  Additionally, trees should exist naturally into your lawn and landscape, so these factors need to be considered.  This is why at Mission Tree Service Santa our team takes the time to advise you as to the best approach to trim each unique species of tree in your landscape.  Further, we take the time to properly assess each and every limb that should be removed, without risking excessing cutting of your trees.

Over 80% percent of landscape trees typically required trimming.  This tree care task is overlooked by the majority of homeowners.  If you look around as you drive in your area, you will note the majority 

    of trees are overgrown, creating unappealing elements in a landscape and often overhanging roofs and power lines.  Further, trees that are not routinely trimmed become larger risks in strong storms of being damaged and damaging nearby property structures.   This is not only because they have weak, at risk limbs, but also because regular trimming reduces the wind friction (or impact potential) of the tree’s canopy.  We typically recommend property owners consider trimming larger, mature trees every 3-5 years depending on the species of tree.  Within this 3-5 year timeframe, trees can quickly become overgrown, losing their shape, and becoming a nuisance or even a hazard on your property.  Note that trees in a natural setting, like a forest, really only grow up in their competition for sunlight.  However, landscape trees have plenty of room to grow in every direction, whereas some directions are less desirable for most property owners.  Therefore, unlike trees in nature, landscape trees need to be trimmed on a regular basis.  Further, regular trimmed trees can actually help reduce the amount of trimming necessary over the life of the tree.  This is because trimming promotes healthy, balanced growth in your landscape, eliminating limbs from becoming problems down the road.  

    Call the tree trimming Santa Barbara trusts to professional and affordably return their landscape trees to beautiful elements adding to their landscape and property’s curb appeal.  ​